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Re: OSx Universal builds from SVN


On Sep 10, 2008, at 11:07 PM, Nick Lott wrote:
Can someone confirm that this is the current state of Kicad on the mac. I assume the
problems are mostly with wxMac and not Kicad itself.

Is there anyway I can help with getting osx support working?


I can confirm that it appears that it's wxMac, or how we use wxWidgets combined with the modernization of wxMac, that causes the majority of the problems. wxMac is a moving target, and at the same time Apple is deprecating old API's in Mac OS X quite fast these days, so it's hard to establish a stable platform.

I'm looking into this from time to time, but it's hard for me to maintain motivation long enough to get very far, since it's a lot of code to wade through and I'm not a huge fan of wxWidgets :/

It would be awesome if you want to take a look at this though.

Three suggested action points:
o Establish a way of producing a working wxMac binary and document this process somewhere visible for
other KiCad people.
o Establish a way of producing KiCad binaries in a way which makes it trivial to try out a new version.
It seems you're almost there.
o Find & fix bugs. There is a bugtracker on SourceForge which can be used to discuss and collect knowledge
about issues.

Good luck :)

~/= Marius

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