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Re: Zone filling optimizations, first results


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Ing. Gabriele Oberhammer"
<gabriele@...> wrote:
> Thanks, I hope I'll find a way to get a faster filling than now and a
> better visual result :-)

Hi Gabriele, 

I have another approach that might be worth looking at. One question
we might ask is:
- What can be done in the background (not in the GUI thread) that
helps the user to accept long processing times?

The idea is that as a user I might accept long processing times if for
instance I can keep working immediately after I have started a zone
fill (in a restricted way). For my own work I'd be happy if I could
start to fill a zone, move to the next zone and start to fill that
one, change layer and start to fill zones on that layer, take a break
from work and come back and see that all the zones are filled in a
beautifull way.

Another idea is that as a user I might want to control in my settings
if I want "fast zone generation", "beautiful zone edges" or "optimize
for redrawing speed". 

// Magnus

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