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Importing Specctra session bug?


Hi Guys,

I was trying out the Freerouter site, and was actually very impressed
by the push and shove abilities. It made some things extremely easy.

However, when I tested importing the session back into KiCad I noticed
a problem because of my choice of module names. I have the SMT chip
series as their simple names, for example 0805, 1206, etc.

It so happens that the first module to import from the session is an
0805, and the specctra importer barf's because this is not recognised
as a symbol by the tokeniser.

I can see from:

bool SPECCTRA_DB::isSymbol( DSN_T aTok )
// if aTok is >= 0, then it might be a coincidental match to a keyword.
return aTok==T_SYMBOL || aTok==T_STRING || aTok>=0;


DSN_T SPECCTRA_DB::needSYMBOL() throw( IOError )
DSN_T tok = nextTok();
if( !isSymbol( tok ) )
expecting( T_SYMBOL );
return tok;

that the problem occurs because 0805 is tokenised as a T_NUMBER, and
is therefore not being accepted by isSymbol.

What is the correct way around this? If KiCad accepts the numbers as
module names correctly I guess the specctra importer should be fixed.

Best Regards,

Brian Sidebotham.