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Re: Patch for specctra session import bug


Brian Sidebotham wrote:

Attached is a small patch that obviously fixes my specific issues with
having a number as a module name (0805). I tested that this then
successfully lets pcbnew import a specctra session that has numerical
module names.

This may or may not be acceptable, but it fixed my problem :)

Best Regards,

Brian Sidebotham.


Since this function is used in so many places, and its purpose in the first place was to enforce grammar, I think it is too much risk to make this change within this function. Can you find the place to add the tok == T_NUMBER test outside this function to solve your problem, something like this

if( isSymbol(tok) || tok == T_NUMBER )

That way we do not break the filtering effect of the parser. The parser is a very general specctra parser and has applications outside of Kicad as written, and I'd rather not break it for this specific use case. isSymbol() is used everywhere so a behavioral change to it would need more study than I have time for at the moment.

I did check the specctra grammar and use of a number for a component_id does seem to be allowed by the grammar, so your desire to fix the problem is acceptable, I'd just hope we can fix only that problem and not break others.

It should be pretty easy to find the handler on where to move this test to, because of the doCOMPONENT() type naming used in the recursive descent design.

Then I would submit such a patch.



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