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Patch to position new module at 0,0


Hi Guys,

I noticed that in KiCad when you create a new module, the position of
the module is not located at 0,0 but is at the last cursor position.
This means that what I have been doing is to create a new module, save
it without doing any changes and then re-opening it so that it is
correctly zero'd before I start adding pads and graphics.

Attached is a patch which solves this problem, although I do see from
the code that an attempt is made to center the new module at 0,0 by

GetScreen()->m_Curseur = wxPoint( 0, 0 );

However, this does not seem to work. The attached patch (or plaster)
fixes this for me.

Any suggestions and comments welcome. If this needs to be solved
another way, I don't mind investigating some more.

Best Regards,

Brian Sidebotham.
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