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Re: adding support for MS visual C++ 2005


2008/10/28 Carl Rash <daystar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>     There are many reasons why one may want to use a Microsoft compiler on a
> windows operating system. The primary reason is the quality of the binary
> code and the superior debugging tools that are available. Jean Pierre you
> may remember with I found a stack corruption bug caused by an array
> allocation error as a local variable using the Microsoft debug code. You
> fixed the problem when I informed you. This is onlyone of several bugs
> identified in that release by the MS debugger/
>   I have the complete make files for building version 2007-11-29-RC2 on any
> version of MSVC post 2004 .net if any one is interested. I stopped porting
> to MS when Kicads direction seemed to be taken over by those who literally
> despise the word WIndows or Microsoft.
> I would be glad to share what I have, just let me know.
> Carl Rash

CMAKE is enough as a build system for Microsoft compiler. Only
problems are code incompabilities with libraries available for M$.

You have right that debbugger is very good and helpful.


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