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Re: adding support for MS visual C++ 2005


I missread the discrption for kicad-visualc++.patch
Patch for 2008-08-08 allowing VC++ 2005 compilation.
and thougt it was for VC++2008 still free but not as good

so i thougt thay wer not for 2005.

the patch file is missing a index so svn cant processs it

anyhow manveru i used your guide for most of it. wxwidgets never did
get reconised by cmake so i had to force it to pass its detection i
now know im still missing a lib from wxwidgets but im pritty shure i
know now how to sort that out. cmake alone never did tell me what was
missing simply that somthing was missing.it took visual studio to tell
me witch file it was.

btw it compiled built and runs fine under MinGW/Msys, But I need my
build and continue, so i can code on it while its running. witch is
why im going for visual studio.

for the patch file
--- kicad-20080804.my/eeschema/plugins/netlist_form_pads-pcb.cpp is
nolonger needed as 
#include <strings.h>
is present by default

--- kicad-20080804.my/include/common.h	2008-08-24 02:35:06.453125000 +0200
+ /* Solve missing snprintf() in VC++ 2005 */
+ #define snprintf(...) { sprintf_s(__VA_ARGS__); }

instead use 
+ #define snprintf(...) { _snprintf(__VA_ARGS__); }

The version on windows has the underscore its a annoyance ive delt
with before.

did not have time today to finish manualy patching to the file.


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