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Re: Fix for bug 2322351


Thanks Lorenzo.

I patched mine with this patch, and did some cleanup on the file, then checked it in.

You will have to delete your copy and then check it back out to avoid the svn conflict.

$ rm symedit.cpp or del symedit.cpp
$ svn up


Really a buglet but an annoying one for who uses a lot of fields. The
position for auxiliary fields (ie not name and prefix) is not
relocated when moving the anchor point.

I opened it and now I think I've fixed it...

The patch should be obvious.

Index: symbedit.cpp
--- symbedit.cpp (revision 1413)
+++ symbedit.cpp (working copy)
@@ -396,6 +396,11 @@

LibEntry->m_Name.m_Pos.x += dx; LibEntry->m_Name.m_Pos.y += dy;
LibEntry->m_Prefix.m_Pos.x += dx; LibEntry->m_Prefix.m_Pos.y += dy;
+ for (LibDrawField * Field = LibEntry->Fields; Field != NULL;
+ Field = (LibDrawField*)Field->Pnext) {
+ Field->m_Pos.x += dx;
+ Field->m_Pos.y += dy;
+ }

DrawEntry = LibEntry->m_Drawings;
while( DrawEntry )


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