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Re: Re: massive update


Can you give a brief explanation of what this update contributes to
Kicad?I like to take an interest in Kicad development and want to
understand the latest code changes.
Thanks for all the work that your doing.


Vastly improved maintainability and reliability of the linked list data structures. Users may not "see" any new features. There is more to software project management than adding features. The features need to be laid down on a solid foundation.
Maintainability and reliability were the key benefits, again.

The previous linked list code was a mess, written many years ago, probably in C not C++, and was fragile since it was all inline manipulation of previous and next pointers. Ironically, the new DLIST support and manipulation discipline also gives us more options as to whether we stick with linked lists at all long term. I am now comfortable staying with it.

See the change_log.txt for more details of that particular update.