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Grid Support



While the grid/zoom support is fresh in your mind, I ask you a question below.

First, as a user, I have been frustrated a little about zooming support in Kicad. I have two little complaints:

1) I would like a little more zoom range on the top end, especially within PCBNEW. Another power of 1.5 or 2.0 larger.

2) I think the magnification steps are just barely too large. Meaning I think there should be a smaller zoom step than a power of 2 at each click along the way. Note that I am not asking for a super general solution here, just a minor tweak that would give us something less than 2 times magnification at each click, and this factor (step) can remain fixed. I just think 1.5 might be nice to try if it can be made into a compile time option.

How hard it this? Do you agree these would be improvements? If so, it would be very very nice if you can tackle this, especially if it is in a way where we can back out of it if it does not feel right as a user.



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