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New developer


Hello, KiCad developers!

After some zone support patches to Jean-Pierre and plenty of peruasion by Igor and Jean-Pierre I finally got around and subscribed here. My background is in the amateur radio since 1993, but my programming skills aren't that great. Mostly I've been working on really low level stuff like assemly on AVR target. I may not be the right guy to do big architectural decisions, but I'm willing to help as much as I can.

I'd like to especially help making KiCad better in the following areas:

- Zone support (which is almost there :)
- Screen drawing with antialiasing and flicker free zoom (wxGC/Cairo/OpenGl)
- Component library with style/scripting support (embedded svg maybe too)
- More accessible to new developers and small time patchers

I guess it's more than enough already...

Last but not least, I must thank you all for making KiCad what it is.

Best regards,