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Re: Text in layer selection box in PCBNew


Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck wrote:

The layer names are now in the board file. Load your *.brd file into a text editor and look for that layer name and change it to something reasonable.

I wonder where you got your French board from?

Component can be changed to anything. I personally like "Front" for component, and "Back" for the copper layer name. Since I have copper on both layers, a "Copper" layer name is ambiguous even to the clever.

Many PCB vendors use "top" and "bottom" for these layer names. I
frequently put components on both sides of my boards so the current
layer names are a bit ambiguous.


The Specctra spec uses "Front" and "Back", and that is a common denominator for a lot of PCB conversion programs. It is on the TODO.txt list to expose the board layer names via a nice UI so they can be edited without having to use a text editor.

Until then, I can see how a board file edited with one Locale will end up getting layer names foreign to another. The *.brd file has the layer "numbers" in it also, and these layer numbers can be cross referenced to include/pcbstruct.h file's "Layer identification (layer number)" defines until the layer name editor is on place.

Layer numbers in PCBNEW are another curiosity altogether. Think of them as only *unique* ids. If you try and find more meaning in them than that you will come away confused, like me.