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Re: Polygon work


Vesa Solonen a écrit :

Polygon edge tracer has a following bug. It doesn't take care about
tracer line width on inside edges like miters on oval thermals. Miter
size changes while changing minimum width parameter. Would you look at
it Jean-Pierre?

Is really a bug ? just needs refinements.
The main goal of this miter is to avoid (or reduce) problems with kbool.

So i am not sure the current code must be changed.
In fact a full optimization is better:

Now we have a good idea about what thermal shapes calculations must be done (including unused stubs removal)

A full optimization could be:
a -calculate filled areas including pads (as now)
b- test for unused stub (currently done after creating thermal shapes) ising the current code. c - creating thermal shapes using a more refined shape calculations taking in account the fact some stubs must be created, and others not. and remove shapes (that do not have any unused stub) from filled areas (now thermal shapes are removed, and after unused stubs are removed) So because unused stubs are not created one can expect also better thermal shapes

Calculation time will be shorter, because polygon calculations are made 3 time (create filled areas, remove thermals, remove stubs), and could be made only twice, with better thermal shapes (including miter enhancements, 24 or more segments per 360 deg arc approx ... ).

I believe you are volunteer to refine thermal shape calculation. Am i wrong ?

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