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Re: kicad compilation with decimal separator


cfdev@... a écrit :

Hi all,

happy to joint the kicad dev group.
I have compiled kicad stable on windowXP with sucessfull :D

I'm french and for the correct value for size, position.. are the
decimal separator ',' not the '.'.

When I compile kicad and run in french langage, the decimal separator
is '.' :(

why ? it's an directive of compilation ?

why ? je ne sais pas! et cela marche très bien sur ma machine.

Have you the same problem with the stable, official version of kicad.

Internationalization is fully handled by wxWidgets and the DOS libraries.
There is no directive to do that, just activate locales in source code.
floating point notation is not exactly like internationalization,
but because of this wxWidgets uses and activates locales (that are responsible for locales notations like time, money, floating point notations..) Note wxWidgets uses the default locale. this means if your XP version is a french version, the french locale is used by default
See also if in kicad, Preferences->Language is set to default (or french)
(but if not, your G.U.I. language will be also in english, not in french).

Note, some users have reported floating point problems (like displayed as , but the number is not understand as floating point ) with some compiled unstable versions of kicad on sourceforge. But i never saw this with my compiled version (using gcc, any versions, compiled under XP, for windows, and CentOS or Kunbuntu for linux)

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