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pb to compilation under slackware


hi all,

today I try to compile Kicad on my favourite distribution Linux Slackware,
and on cmake configuration :
$cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ../../

the return is :
-- Check for installed OpenGL -- found
-- Check for installed Boost -- found
-- Check for installed wxWidgets -- found
CMake Error at CMakeModules/FindSubversion.cmake:88 (MESSAGE):
Command "/usr/bin/svn info /home/cfdev/download/kicad" failed with

svn: '/home/cfdev/download/kicad' is not a working copy

Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeModules/CreateSVNVersionHeader.cmake:5 (Subversion_WC_INFO)
CMakeLists.txt:118 (create_svn_version_header)

CMake Error at CMakeModules/CreateSVNVersionHeader.cmake:6 (string):
string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments
total to
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:118 (create_svn_version_header)

-- Check for installed zlib -- found
-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

subversion missing ok, but why the processe stop because of it ?

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