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patch for CMakeLists


< # Automagically create version header file.
< # does not work with mingw for me (jpc)
< if(UNIX)
< include(CreateSVNVersionHeader)
< create_svn_version_header()
< endif(UNIX)
< if(EXISTS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/include/config.h)
< # This file may exist (created by an alternate process to the svn
test above),
< # e.g. could be created by a checkout script that produces a
source tar file.
< # This directive means the about box will have the svn date &
revision in it,
< # but the hard coded release date (program version) will be
< add_definitions(-DHAVE_SVN_REVISION)
< endif(EXISTS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/include/config.h)

this is the patch for 'kicad/CMakeLists.txt'.

When we compile&build the source code ,it will notice something wrong
about svn.

After i check the errors and the source , i found the problem is that
the CMakeLists include something to update codes from svn, but when we
build a release version,we don't need it. So i make that patch to fix
this problem.

I don't know if anyone found and fix this, but when i download the
source codes from the SourceForge and make a pakage for ArchLinux (yes,
it's PKGBUILD. I maintain a unofficial repo of arch which named

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