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Re: alternate via drill size


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

I have been unable to set the alternate drill size and have it become my
default. I don't know which file this is supposed to be saved in, but I
don't think the write and save logic is working. It always comes back
to 0.025

Is this a bug? Can somebody fix it faster than me?


On my computer its works fine.
So i do not understand what happen.

This is a bug. To reproduce it, I do:

1) change Dimensions | Tracks and Vias | Alternate Via Drill to 0.020

2) save via Dimensions | Save Setup.

3) Exit the program, PCBNEW

4) Restart PCBNEW

5) go look at Dimensions | Tracks and Vias | Alternative Via Drill is set back to 0.025, not 0.020

The configuration file is at this path and name: /i/home/dick/ethernetswitch/schematic/ks8695px.pro


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