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Re: Re: pin 'connection bubble'


yajeed2000 wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@...> wrote:

Could it be a good behavior to remove 'connection bubble' from a pin

it gets connected? That would allow easy checking for unconnected,

a connect and also simplify detail on screen. Can you Jean-Pierre

give any
advice where to look for that code as I'd like to get that done here locally. If the feature is seen as benefit for others and it's implementation fits your schedule that would be even better.


It would also be nice if some kind of logic was included for
highlighting connected nets in EESchema. Maybe this could be linked to
the connection bubble turning off. The highlighting of connected nets
would also help in the understanding of how hierarchical connections work.



Like a popup list box (in a small modeless dialog) which lists the nets by "net name" , and with a checkbox to the left of each net name. If the check box is selected, then those nets (and attached pins) are highlighted. If several nets can be highlighted, then one net can be highlight as a simpler case. Then with this feature, maybe indeed the missing bubble is not needed. I don't know that bubbles are a universal feature of all pin types, are they?

With this design the list of points that Jean-Pierre suggested would not be needed. Rather, at some point in the drawing process the net list would need to be consulted instead of the list of points. And the netlist itself would have to have hold the highlight flag, since several could be enabled.


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