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Re: Library work


On Sat, 21 Feb 2009, Milan Horák wrote:

let's look on the specs, no offense:

Hey, you've gotten to the official spec so that can't be offending in any way. I haven't gotten that far yet and also spotted crude error in my document. Factors need to be doubled...

Resistor symbol dimensions are defined in IEC-617-4 (EN 60617-4) width
is 2.5mm, which is approx. 1/10", which is 100 mils. IMO it is measured
from one line axe to another. The height is defined 7.5mm, which is
approx. 3/10", which is 300 mils. It is called an M like module.

>-There must be at least one DU spacing between pins or any other
symbol >feature, like corner. Excluding symbols with width less than 2*DU.

Spacing between pins is defined also in IEC-617-4 (EN 60617-4) as 2*M so
it is 5mm, which is approx. 2/10", which is 200 mils.

Pin spacing seems to be violated at leas in Geda and Eagle schematic editors (libraries). Is there any that really enforce that part? To my taste it's not dense enough, even though it may be clear to read. Too little stuff to see at first glance.

Plates defined as M/2 center to center, width 2*M, positive marked with
"+" one M wide, one M high, placed one M left and one M up from center.

There is nothing said about thicnesses?

Transistor is defined without circle (except transistor with one
electrode connected to the envelope - in this case circle diameter is 4*M).

Do you know if this applies only to metal can types or also to molded parts with heat sink tabs?

Base beam is 2*M.

That is said in IEC-617-5 (EN 60617-5).


I'll try to dig a copy from somewhere... My goal is to make print quality symbol set with dynamic styling support for line weights (I may loosen the demands if they seem too ambitious). Scans from warious sources are made available for ideas. Thank you for your work.


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