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Re: Zone fill bug in 20090216-final


Magnus Beischer a écrit :
I just upgraded to Win 20090216-final for the design of our latest board and the improvements in KiCAD looks really great. Thank you developers for your efforts !

The problem I have is with the filling of one zone in one of the four layers. I draw the zone edges and try to fill the zone, but nothing happens (on the screen). I did a lot of testing with different zone outlines and found out that if I place a zone cut out area 5 x 5 mill at a specific place on the board the zone fills as expected. I can't see anything wrong with that particular area on the board and the zone fill command gives no error messages.

I'd like to send my board file to someone who has been working on the zone algorithms. It's a production board so I don't want to upload it to the forum.

Thanks again for a great work !

Please send me a mail: magnus at beischer.com


The library used to do polygon calculations (kbool) in zones fails in very rare cases. (in fact i saw this problem in debug phase of new zone calculations, but never in the stable version). Fortunately, when happens, a very small change in zone parameters solves the problem. In your case, after removing the little zone cutout (when kbool fails), if you change the zone clearance from 0.381 to 0.386 (for instance) the problem disappears.

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