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Re: EDA in a better (open and free) world :-)]


I was re-reading this after Dick's post...

<jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:
> other example:
> angle = "34.0" and not angle = 340 like now

In some other list, I remember a few problems with that: some languages use the locale for reading/writing and a "," (coma) gets to the files.

Just a remainder :)

> I also believe pcbnew internal units will be changed in a next
> future from 1/10000 inch to a smaller unit (1/100000 inch or
> 1/10000 mm) to handle properly small pad and track sizes in inches
> and mm because modern components are smaller and smaller and use a
> small metric grid.

Well, this can also be solved if using the decimal point, and it would prevent unnessessary file growth. The problem seems to be the internal representation in kicad.