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Re: Latest SVN commits.


Wayne Stambaugh escreveu:

Thats all for now. As I have said before, I am willing to work on as
many of these issues as I can. I just want to make sure I'm heading in
the right direction. I know from experience that if my objectives are
too far from everyone else's that I will get nowhere but frustrated and
that my efforts will frustrate everyone else. And that is definitely
not my goal.

What about Wiki page about new usability for Kicad? We could all contribute with that, so that whenever you get to coding some feature, it perhaps has already been discussed...

For what I understand, you are doing deep basic code changes that will not imidiately reflect in better usability, so it may even be more important to do some planning ahead.

IMHO Kicad is great, really great. The major down point is usability...


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