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Re: Re: Several Problems with kicad on osx


Dick Hollenbeck a écrit :

Marco Serantoni wrote:
>>> sudo make
>>> sudo make install
>> It is not typical to use sudo in front of any of the above commands, except
>> make install.
>> FYI being root removes barriers to mistakes or bad scripts.
> And obliusly could also change PATH search with strange results (wx-config). > Dick i've made a proposal of patch for the File Association under OSX the 15 April, and i don't know if was refused or not, can you help me indicatig who i can ask about ?
> Thank you
> --
> Marco

If its not in the repository by Monday, I will get after it. I am away
from my computer until then. Anybody opposed to the patch, please let
us know now.


I tried to apply patch but i had an error:
$ patch -i patch_osx.patch
patch message is:
patching file `CMakeLists.txt'
patch: **** malformed patch at line 6: endif(WIN32)

Under Linux and Windows

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