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RS274X file format.


Does any one know if the RS274X aperture definition "%ADD26MTHOLE,
0.0300 X0.0100 X0.0050 X0.0*%" is valid? The Gerbview parser is choking
on the spaces between the optional X parameters. The fix is trivial but
is this best way to procedeed? At the very least Gerbview should
complain about an invalid gerber file. All of the documentation I can
find on the RS274X file format shows no spaces but I can't find any
mention of spaces not being valid. I have seen documentation that
newlines inside the command delimiter (*) are acceptable for
readability. Is this true for all white space? If anyone has any
expertise in this area, I would appreciate the help. Gerber file
formats are not something I have a lot of experience with. I'll fix the
parsing bug in Gerbview but I would like to implement a valid solution
not just a quick fix to solve my problem.

The reason I am asking is I have board gerbers generated by P-CAD and I
want to use Gerbview to export to PCBNew so I can modify the PCB outline
and add some mounting holes. I haven't tried this with Gerview so I
don't know how well this code performs.

Thanks in advance for any help.



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