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Re: Re: Had fun with Hershey fonts...


On Thu, 21 May 2009, Lorenzo wrote:

Not to disappoint you, but Hershey's are plotter font like the original one, just a lot more legible (they where
designed for the U.S.Navy for cartography)

And antialiasing... well, just forget it with an xor based move scheme :D

Yes and yes :D But I bet things aren't going to stay that way eternally. There is just too much going on in linux graphics at the moment that the decision where to go is a bit difficult. My bets are on Cairo/Clutter which would mean wxGC and possibly some direct access to native context. For example pcbnew and 3D viewer could be combined easily when those tools get ready and imho it's not worth the hassle to write pcbnew graphics in opengl now. If I just would have done more coding and less soldering, but one can't do RF only in code yet... And nobody works up through hole plating process without some chemistry ;^)


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