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Re: Re: Had fun with Hershey fonts...


jean-pierre.charras@... wrote:
> Comment texts could have an user selectable justification, but it is
> not made in the dialog box editor, because I am not sure it is useful.<br

An interesting use may be the introduction of "fake" pins to mark
the presence of multi-use pins in the respective subsystem of a
complex chip.

As an example, see the pin EINT19/TCLK1/GPG11 in the EINT and TIMER
blocks on page 2 of

The real pin is in the EINT block while one in the TIMER Block is
just text that functions as a reminder. To give the text an
appearance similar to that of a pin, the text is right-justified.

This scheme is something we came up with recently, so I'm not sure if
this is the best approach to handle multi-use pins. An alternative
would be to have a real pin in each subsystem and adapt KiCad's pin
test, ERC, and netlist generation accordingly.

By the way, I really like these new fonts.

- Werner