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Re: Comple problem


2009/5/25 Seadistant <seadistant@...>:
> I follow the KICad Compling and debugging
> season(http://www.gevawebsolutions.com/wiki/index.php?title=KiCad_-_Compiling_and_debugging)
> Step one: CMake
> Download CMake
> Download CMake here and install the application.
> Download the zip file of Daniel Wallner here. Then unzip the files
> kicad-cmake-2006-08-28.zip and kicad-visual-c-2006-08-28.zip into the
> kicad-dev directory. This is the default directory when you unzip the KiCAD
> source files.
> The paths are relative, so they will be put at the correct location or they
> will overwrite existing files.
> But I am confused about above.
> what's the relasionship about kicad-cmake-2006-08-28.zip and
> kicad-visual-c-2006-08-28.zip  and Kicad Source file which is download from
> Svn server;
> how to combin these folder ?
> I can't make CMake work well ,
> Could someone help me?

You do not need any additions to the code from that file. My home page
died due to problems with Drupal upgrade where I had manual how to
build. I do not have time to repair my page, but mail me privately - I
can sent you a HTML recovered from database dump. I successfully have
built kicad with Visual C++ and put the instruction in that page.

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