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Re: Preliminary Hershey patch [2 Attachments]


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

> Has anyone done a check on the *license* compatibility of the Hershey fonts?

Sure, no problem on these, read below (the key words ar ANYONE and ANY PURPOSD :D)

OK, actually, the only problem is that I forgot to paste the license in hershey.h :D

The full repertoire is also used in GNU plotutils... if the FSF accepts it usually there should be no problems :P

This distribution of the Hershey Fonts may be used by anyone for
any purpose, commercial or otherwise, providing that:
1. The following acknowledgements must be distributed with
the font data:
- The Hershey Fonts were originally created by Dr.
A. V. Hershey while working at the U. S.
National Bureau of Standards.
- The format of the Font data in this distribution
was originally created by
James Hurt
Cognition, Inc.
900 Technology Park Drive
Billerica, MA 01821
2. The font data in this distribution may be converted into
any other format *EXCEPT* the format distributed by
the U.S. NTIS (which organization holds the rights
to the distribution and use of the font data in that
particular format). Not that anybody would really
*want* to use their format... each point is described
in eight bytes as "xxx yyy:", where xxx and yyy are
the coordinate values as ASCII numbers.

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