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Re: Layers visibility


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Gabriele Oberhammer <gabriele@...> wrote:
> - create a new right vertical toolbar (called LayersToolbar or whatever makes sense) to
> make layers visible/invisible directly (instead of doing Preferences->Color and
> Visibility->check/uncheck->Apply)

> Obviously the proposed LayersToolbar could be extended to manage the layers 'Tech' and
> 'Others' and/or display a little square near the layer name painted in the layer color.
> The bar will at most display 16 buttons, so it should fit for every resolution.
> If not, it will be simple to display fewer buttons and a 'Next' button onthe bottom which
> will show the remaining layers.

> Do you think this change is a good idea or not?
> I'll wait replays and comments before going on on e dead-end :-)

I think can be a good idea, but why not change the menu and the context-menu with a falldown to do this job ? We can save some drawing space and avoidto modify the base classes.