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Re: Re: New file uploaded to kicad-devel


2009/6/5 Lorenzo <lomarcan@...>:
> --- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Manveru <manveru@...> wrote:
>> Looks very promising. But I think the devel team should consider the
>> toolbar customization, a divide them to smaller ones. Not everybody
>> need all icons.
> Well, look almost the same, docking aside :P (BTW who still uses tiffs?)
> I concur with some customisation, but IMHO the important thing is to have
> ALL the toolbar commands in the menus... I think every interface guideline
> says so :P
> For example, in eeschema, to use Page Settings, Library Editor, Library
> Browser, hierarchy navigator, clipboard ops, netlist, annotation, drc and
> bom are not in the menu (and this is only the top toolbar :D)
> Maybe this way will be easier to add accelerator keys (or whatever wx call
> them...). W and A for wire and components are useful (I mostly use the
> keyboard :P), R.X.Y is mandatory (BTW why can't you R over a label?:(, other
> keyboard operation would be useful (I don't know wx but Gtk has that
> wonderful system to apply shortcuts on the fly while using menus...)

GTK has action system which is able to connect toolbars, menus and
keyboard shortcuts in some general model. It is not perfect in terms
of design for me (I know it only from Python bindings), but works
really well.

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