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Re: PCBNew with AUI proof of Concept


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:
> >>> I've just ended to play a bit with wxAUI and seems that enough easy to implement on the existing codebase.
> >> You have made your point conclusively. It seems easy enough to start 
> >> putting support into the source to use the functionality of wxAUI if we 
> >> decide to do so.
> >> I would like to try this over the weekend on Linux. It would be smart 
> >> to test the robustness of wxAUI before we get too far, and I think your 
> >> original posting suggested that.
> > Thank you, before implement something seriusly i want to wait that there are some positive feedbacks on Windows 
> Just curious, is there some generally understood knowledge that wxAUI is 
> not ready, on any platform?

Documentation states that is ready for Windows, Linux/Unix GTK+ 2.0, OSX since April 2006/wx2.6 and is officially part of wx-windows since wx2.8, as common sense suggests, better try it on the field than follow the "commercial statements" in a dumb way.

When we got a successfully report of Window platform and when we reach to an agreement i would start to post suggests of patches here, to make avaiable a review by committers and general audience.

If we find it reasonable i wish to start with feature initially disabled onsvn and patching in the order: 3d-viewer, pcb, eeschema, gerbview, cvpcb, kicad when we find it mature we could enable it by default while mantaing the old code for compatibility.
I wish also mantain a separate switch to enable wxAuiToolbar separatelly.