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Re: Layers visibility


2009/6/9 Alain M. <alainm@...>:
> Brian Sidebotham escreveu:
>> Renaming layers would be nice as I also don't get on with Component
>> and Copper. Actually, the main thing I don't get on with is pressing
>> Page Up selects the bottom layer (Copper) and Page Down selects the
>> top layer (Component). That seems totally backwards to me, as well as
>> Copper being an ambiguous layer name.
> Just as logical as "Copper" being green. I have to change that in every
> new project...
> Setting defaults would be nice :)
> Alain

Hi Alain,

Yes I admit I use Red and Blue because it is what I am used to. When
you have a board setup as you want the default to be, from PCBNEW you
can select Preferences->Save Preferences and then navigate to
<kicad-installation-dir>/share/template and save the preferences to
kicad.pro - this is what KiCad uses as the default settings for a new

In the layer properties dialog Component appears at the bottom of the
list, and Copper at the top too. The whole layers list seems a bit
messed up. Perhaps as part of the new dialog these things could be
cleaned up too. I think the layer order has been mentioned before on
the development or users list.

Best Regards,