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Re: What is scale adjust in plot for?


>Photo plotters do not need this, but printers do not have an exact >1:1 scale (due to mechanical defaults).
So if you need an exact 1:1 scale you must set the exact scale to a value (near 1, but not exactly 1) to compensate defaults of *your* printer.
>X and Y defaults are always different, and ndependent X-Y values *are* useful.
>Of course if you use photo plotters and gerber files, this is not useful, but i am not sure all guys who make board have a gerber photo plotter at home.

Right, I forgot about that *horrors* dating back to the dot printer age...

Anyway since by definition they're *small* offsets, I'll bundle them in thepostscript scale operator call.

Said that, I found that most laser toner today are not opaque enough and paper transport isn't exactly linear in printers (traction is 'wavvy'). I won't recommend doing <25 mil work on home printers :P

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