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Re: About notation


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, jean-pierre charras - INPG <jean-pierre.charras@...> wrote:

> > Me. But I call it readable, not strange.

I called it strange because I've never seen the spacing INSIDE the parens... none of the major indenting style IIRC do it this way. I was asking aboutthe reasoning behind them (or maybe you simply like it that way).

> - members variable are prefixed m_ (like m_Color): a good idea from 
> wxWidgets team ("m_" like member)

Yes, that's somewhat standard. MFC does it that way too.

> - functions arguments are prefixed a (like aColor): a good idea from 
> Dick ("a" like argument)

Useful in constructors:D

> - global variables are prefixed g_ and local (not global) variables by 
> s_ (fg_ and s_ like global and static) . This is my idea (I hope it is 
> good).

Yes, I concur that globals should be visibly marked (if only to look for something to remove!). Static are less used, I never had the need to mark them.

> I never call ideas from others guys "strange".
> I try to understand these ideas:

Didn't wan't to offend... Just curious about the peculiar spacing.

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