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I'm not the only one having trouble with arcs :D


In the 3d view they're wrong too...

Also the text isn't being mirrored.

Alas... who cares... the 3d view is IMHO eye candy only. A real 3d export would be useful, though expecially for ehrm... 'interference checking' i.e. does the board fit in the product?:P

The problem is... which format? DXF is mostly limited to meshes (modeler object are opaque), STEP 203 is missing 'free' documentation and while IGES has freely available docs I don't know how much is supported. IGES, while convoluted, would be a little easier to generate (STEP is even MORE convoluted :P)

Of course the baseline solution would be a bounding-box elevation/thicknessDXF (i.e. pre-UCS technology). But I don't know any modeler importing THATkind of dxf :P

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