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Re: Re: Feedback and wishlist


Lorenzo wrote:
--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@...> wrote:

Learning it will take you a day or more, but it is worth it. Because it is in Java and because the source is not available, I don't see a clear path for better integration. Java Web Start works well for me on Linux. After the first time, I usually run it simply by typing in

For me the problem is that it is in java :D unbelieavily heavy on resources and always fighting with the WM... on ratpoison it just doesn't work (keep flashing forever). And on most of my machines java isn't installed either :P

OTOH I concur that a 6-layer would be a hell to route by hand :D

Java is fine. We teach it to our high school kids in Texas. The state educational board switched from C++ to Java about 5 years ago. It is gaining momentum, not losing it. So many Texas High School graduates know Java before they even hit the university.

My computer, as do most contemporary computers, has lots of resources. So using them simply means I have not over bought my computer. I have recently seen some situations where the OpenJDK version of Java is still not up to snuff, relative to the fine JVM's available from Sun. FYI.

I suggest that if you have not tried the freerouter, that it can be worth some investment in time, computers, operating systems, downloads, installs, and caffeine to get some familiarity with it. Only at that point would I think that your opinion on it would actually mean something. In any case, PCBNEW cannot touch it for routing a complex board.

And oh, all my remarks apply to push and shove manual routing. I think the autorouter is a completely different discussion. I tried it only enough to know that autorouting was not for me, even though it seems to do a competent job.


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