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Re: GenCAD specs?


Lorenzo wrote:
I have troubles with the generated .gcd file sent to manufacturing (to do flying probe testing). The factory people says that it 'doesn't load'. While waiting for additional info about the problem, are there some docs on that format?

I tried to give the .gcd to eat to an old orcad layout 9... it chokes on the line end (it wants CRLF, maybe it's the problem with the factory); fixing that requires a '$PADSTACKS' section and giving it a 'trivial' padstack definition (every pad type as a padstack on each layer) hangs with 100% CPU... maybe it's Layout that sucks, maybe it's the gcd file...

Anybody has experience with that format?

This points out why it is important to put comments into the source code as it is being written to reference material that was used to write it. I tried to do this in the SPECCTRA format stuff I wrote.

Something as simple as:

// See http://<whatever>

It is a good habit and as we encounter problems, let's all try and do it, even retroactively to old code like this.

Lorenzo, is this a format supported by geda software? If so, maybe there is a reference over there? Or maybe Jean-Pierre has some old documents.



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