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Re: GenCAD specs?


Apparently the specs were pulled out, anyway... they're trying to push GenCAM or ODB++ as a new format. But factories don't use these (here, at least), they want gencad, cadif or an orcad .max...

I exported a sample board from orcad layout to get the syntax of the missing section: trivial, in fact... each padstack has a drill hole size and the pad to use for each layer, there are also 2 zeroes which are maybe a pad offset. I also found some eagle .ulp script to do the export (gencad.ulp and gencad-2.ulp, apparenty wrote by the gencad people so more or less autorithative).

Also it seems a guy has the specs available here:


Monday I'll see if they've got to import the modified format (with the 'fake' padstacks), otherwise they told me to generate the file in inches (pcbnew output it in 'user 10000', decimils). We'll see...

BTW orcad also chokes on the arcs used in silk screen... deleting them makeit proceed but hangs anyway.