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Re: Patch to display mm to two dp instead of three [2


2009/7/21 Brian Sidebotham <brian.sidebotham@...>:
> [Attachment(s) from Brian Sidebotham included below]
> Hi Guys,
> Please find attached a jpg highlighting the problem, and a quick patch
> to resolve the issue.
> The problem is that when working with a metric mm grid, the
> coordinates vary between .002 mm. This leads to several whole units
> being displayed as .001 below their actual value. This means your
> brain has to work overtime trying to work out what position you're
> actually pointing to. See the JPG where the values are 48.999 x 18.999
> The patch resolves the problem by round to two decimal places for
> metric, resulting in the display being 49.00 x 19.00 for the above
> error. This is much easier on the brain!
> This was bought up by some users recently on the kicad-users list,
> titled Hard Metric.

First thought I have reading above was "wait a second, mm dimensions
in most datasheets are up to 3 digits of fractional part". But I've
just looked into couple datasheets of SMD elements and - surprise -
they use dimensions up to 2 fractional digits. So two seems to be

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