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Re: Re: Crash in PCBNEW using zone fill on OSX


It is maybe a bug in the kbool library. Sometimes libraries will touch a block of memory after it is "free()ed" back into the C++ environment. Then, OS variations can kick in, and on some OS'es the free()ed memory can cause segfaults if it is touched, but on others not. So the bug can be masked on those OSes for which the freed memory can be touched without causing a segfault.

It may be that Valgrind can be of assistance to duplicate the problem on linux or windows. Otherwise a temporary new/delete debugging library can be helpful. One that you link to only temporarily to smoke out this bug.

If the problem only occurs on MAC, then maybe the MAC users would be willing to buy the Kicad developers new MACs to get this problem fixed once and for all. :)


Latest crash with current SVN build same as last:

here is a link to the board file wish hopes that this will help correct the issue with more expedience.


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "dioiioib" <dioiioib@...> wrote:

Hello Marco,

as with all the errors I report there is nothing abnormal with usage.

I have a flash video that will show you the issue curring, on the file
in question.



--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Marco Serantoni"
<marco.serantoni@> wrote:

Looking to the stacktrace IMHO problem should be platform independent

(other developers could correct me if i'm wrong), anyway i weren't able
to reproduce it .

Could you give us something to reproduce this bug ?


DL_Iter<void*>::Detach() + 57
Node::RemoveLink(KBoolLink*) + 107
KBoolLink::UnLink() + 37
KBoolLink::~KBoolLink() + 17
TDLI<KBoolLink>::delete_all() + 75
Graph::~Graph() + 39
TDLI<Graph>::delete_all() + 75
GraphList::~GraphList() + 36
Bool_Engine::~Bool_Engine() + 123
ZONE_CONTAINER::AddClearanceAreasPolygonsToPolysList(BOARD*) + 5551
ZONE_CONTAINER::BuildFilledPolysListData(BOARD*) + 408


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