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Re: Re: OSX Errors Eeschema connecting nets to pins and


2009/8/4 dioiioib <dioiioib@...>:
> Well its frustrating as the error is happening on something as simple as making a connection from pin to pin on any schematic, any part, IC, resistor, etc.
> I am surprised the problem can't be reproduced instantly on any recent build. I've switched back to an older version from the SVN until the new plethora of errors are ironed out.

It is possible to get these type of "ghost" problems by the build
environment changing. I noted a problem a while back where building
from SVN resulted in a problem in the file dialog that would always
crash eeschema. When I cleaned my build system and started a fresh
(changing from gcc 4.3 back to 3.5) everything again started to work
fine. I think the problem was initially concerned with a wxWidgets
source code update I did.

Build an older SVN and see if the crash persists, you can always try
and narrow it down to a specific SVN revision where the bug was
introduced if that is the case.

Best Regards,


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