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Layer Properties Dialog and limited number of colours


Hi Guys,

Last night I thought I might as well start looking at implimenting the
layer properties dialog (or toolbox) that was discussed a while back.

However, whilst I was reading up on the code, I noticed that KiCAD is
limited to around 20 colours or so that are predefined in an array. Is
there any reason for this in particular?

I obviously started by putting wxColourPickerCtrl's on the layer
properties dialog for colour choice, but the rest of the system is
stuck with pre-defined colours.

Ideally I would like to move everything else over to use a class based
around wxColour instead of the colour array. However, that changes a
lot of code. I think that using a standard wxColourPickerCtrl is the
correct way forward, it just means a lot of code changing before even
starting on the layer properties dialog really.

So, before I go changing a lot of code moving everything over to
wxColour rather than a colour lookup table does anyone have any
objections to that code change or any reasons why the colour system
should be limited like it is now?

The colours that are available now can still be made available quickly
through wxColourPickerCtrl.

Best Regards,


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