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Re: Kicad build fails with Boost 1.34 (documentation


Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Vesa Solonen wrote:
>> You can also install 1.37 from repos on 9.04...
> Yes, I know. It's just that the default happens to be 1.34, and the 
> compilation fails quite disgracefully...

I found that the cmake FindBoost macro version test will find the
correct boost version. However, it's failure message is probably is as
disgraceful as a build failure. It just reports that boost was not
found. It does not give any indication that it was the wrong boost
version. This may be even more confusing than the build failure. I'll
try to commit the changes tomorrow so you can check the failure and let
me know if it is still confusing ( which I think it will be ). I'll see
if I can come up with a solution that prevents having to maintain a
custom version of FindBoost.



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