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Re: First time compile on Ubuntu 9.04-Build failed


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@...> wrote:
> > -- Check for installed OpenGL -- found
> > -- Check for installed Boost -- not found
> > CMake Error at CMakeModules/CheckFindPackageResult.cmake:6 (message):
> > Boost was not found - it is required to build Kicad

I think I received the same message the first time I tried to compile in Ubuntu, but my memory's fuzzy. I used synaptic to add the boot 1.37 libraries and that seemed to fix it.

> Yeah. Boost missing as it says. Please take a look at previous threads. 
> Also you may not need fakeroot, etc if you aren't making a deb package for 
> someone else.
> -Vesa