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Re: pcbnew very slow under some X11 machines


--- In kicad-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Vesa Solonen <vsolonen@...> wrote:
> > Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas how to fix/debug this?
> Are you running composited desktop? If you turn composition off you should 
> be ok... The problem lays in Kicad drawing code. It draws _everything_ in 
> immediate mode, so no caching and the whole scene is drawn again on every 
> soon when accelerated Cairo and Clutter takes off. Qt has probably some 
> more optimized tools, but porting from Wx to Qt might be a bit too much to 
> even consider. My current vote goes to implementing native Cairo context 
> inside WxGC and using extensive caching of graphics primitives. GEDA has 
> gone the Cairo way for schematics and OpenGl for layout.

vesa, we are already proceeding to the WxGC solution, if i don't recall badthe work of Dick and jean pierre is already pointing in this direction forschematics and we are almost ready for usign graphic paths.
About layout, we are almost ready to use blending (mac already uses it) with a reasonably performance and appearance. 
I think that we will be forced to change approach due deprecation of logic operations in wx2.9 and probably unavaiability in the next 3.0.

Fighting with SnowLeopard trying to compile with 3 platforms,