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Key bindings in eeschema


Welcome all!

My name is Mateusz Komorkiewicz and I am an electrical engeenering student from Poland. I would like to help develop KiCAD.

It is my first time in open source project so please be patient and tell meif I am doing something wrong. 

I would like to start my contribution from improving key bindings in eeschema. It is very convenient if I can press "M" on my keyboard to move any object on schematic. Now it is not possible for all types of labels and "net name". The same happens if I would like to press "E" to edit the value - it is also not working. It is driving me crazy as I develop multi-sheets projects and I use more labels than any other elements.

I've done the necessary changes in source code on my computer. But I don't know how to use SVN.

What you think about changes in key bindings?
Can somebody help me with SVN?

Best regards
Mateusz Komorkiewicz

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