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Re: Re: Pcbnew layers


--- Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
Alain Mouette wrote:
I miss this very much. Sometimes I have a metal part touching the
board (like a cristal or an RJ45) and Freeroute makes a mess...

A keepout layer? Why not a keepout zone? If you wanted to keep
someone out of a particular room in a multi-floor office building,
you would lock the door, you would not build a new floor.

Well... when you live in a two dimentional world, as layers do, you can get enprisoned by a simple line on the floor, if if happens to be in your floor.

But more to the point: using tracks or poligons as in zones is probably just the same. IMHO tracks is just easier but that may be because I got used to that.

The important thing is that it should be possible to add it to a module, like an RJ45 with a metal body...

PS: I like Geoff's idea of being able to select which layers are part of the project in a way that they get removed from all dialogs. I just find his color scheme too strange :)

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