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Re: Pcbnew layers


--- "Isaac" wrote:
> This post grew unusually long, so I will top post to ease the
> reading.
> 1) I'm not much concerned by now with keep-outs, but I would say
> that a keep-out object placed in each layer where it is needed is
> better than a keep-out layer.

I was not suggesting that you concern yourself with any "keep-out" functionality at this stage; in my previous message, I was submitting my assessmentof such functionality in response to others referring to it (in yet earlier messages in this thread).

> 2) More layers: There are already two general purpose layers (eco1
> and eco2), perhaps they could be used as assembly layers. Also,
> presently there is room for three more layers, without needing
> extensive changes to the program.

I agree that another three layers could be implemented without making extensive changes to the software -- and as such, none of those layers should beimplemented without extensive discussion beforehand. IMO, an advantage of using two of those layers to implement a pair of assembly layers is that such layers would be "paired" to one another (in the same way as the Adhesive, Silkscreen, Solder Paste, Solder Mask, and external copper layers), whereas the eco1 and eco2 layers are *not* similarly paired to one another. (However I would still advocate discussing that matter comprehensively before actually implementing it.)

> 3) The original subject of my post: Layer enabling/disabling and
> visibility
> It appears that Geoff agrees with me but he is more interested in a
> way to show if a layer is "empty" or not. Interesting idea, perhaps
> somebody could develop it.

See my most recent previous message, in which I referred to a ZIP file which I have recently uploaded to the Files page on this mailing list. I can't give any guarantees at this stage, but I will attempt to find some time to give some thought as to how the usage status of each layer (in KiCad) couldbe calculated and subsequently displayed.

> 4) Layer sets: This concept I borrowed from P-CAD, they are logical
> groups of layers that can be "recalled" by keyboard shortcuts.
> When recalling a layer set, all the layers in the set become
> visible, and all layers not in the set are hidden. One of the
> layers in the set (defined when creating the set) is defined as
> current.
> I personally like to see only the layers I'm working on plus any
> layer that may interfere with it, all other layers are just
> distraction. The present mechanism for showing/hiding layers is not
> very efficient.
> The layer sets make easy to change from one view to another (just
> one keypress for instance).
> Best regards,
> Isaac

You have just confirmed what I envisaged you had in mind when you referred to layer sets previously. I fully agree that it is painful to change the visilibity of layers using the currently provided dialogs.


(Yet earlier messages to this thread snipped.)

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