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Library file formats, tags, and other metadata


I concur that tags and an extensible format is the right way to go.
However, we need the "chief librarian" to keep a short leash on tag
creation, or else there will be a major explosion of tags.

One thing I would like to see is a tag that says "digikey" and one
that says "mouser". If I selected "partx" and "mouser", I would get
suitable parts available from that vendor.

Then, in the metadata, I would like to have some digikey and mouser
part numbers.

Another reason to have extensible metadata is that I've got some ideas
for schematic ERC that would allow a more complicated part definition
than we have now, e.g. what voltages are suitable for power pins, etc.

Having said all this, I will contradict something I said earlier, and
submit that it might be the time to revisit embedding a Python
interpreter -- personally I find Python to be an *excellent* file
format for stupid little extensible configuration files like this, and
in most cases, the Python can be much more readable than other