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Re: Re: Libraries - files and components naming policy


2009/10/8 Mateusz <komorkiewicz@...>
> > What about pin number of such universal decals? If case of simple transistor
> > there is 6 possibilities of connection in the physical element. Even simple
> > diode is an a problem as my example shows, when I get Eagle imported module
> > for miniMELF package and polarization was inverted. There has to be a way to
> > tie case and symbol on schema to be not overwritten by settings from cvpcb,
> > what is currently possible (should allow to select module and mark in by
> > close padlock icon) - sometimes engineer knows what part will be on the
> > board at the design stage.
> >
> > I am not telling about different version of some digital chips - the problem
> > is deeper as someone prefers same symbols for the same logic and someone
> > prefers every version in the library with separate symbol.
> Good point! What about naming pins AC(Anode Cathode in diodes) or BCE (intransistors)? It is already done in some cases, look on FET_N or MOSFET_P in current device library.

It would be nice to have a named pins feature. I even see this as following:
1. The parts on schematics have unique pin names (here for example the
functional name GND is problematic as we need unique GND_TOP1 name,
and we do not want such long names on schematics)
2. Mapping to modules uses pin names to match pins on part's case (cvpcb)
3. Numbering of pins appears on schematics according to matched module
(this is important for further project maintenance)
4. Change in module does not require change anything on schematics manually

Above leads to some problems that have to be solved. One of them is
consistent unique pin naming.
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